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City Chorus will be representing the community in Normandy from July 04th to July 7th commemorating the 100th anniversary of the out break of World War 1, and the 70th anniversary of the D Day Landings.  We will be holding a service of remembrance at the British War Graves, where a wreath will be presented in honour of those whose lives were lost for our freedom.  More information will be posted early 2014, with details of pre tour concerts and War presentations from local veterans from Letchworth.


We are a thriving community based choir in Letchworth Garden City, about 35 miles north of London.  We comprise over 80 members of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities, united by one common passion: We love to sing!

At City Chorus we sing a wide range of music, covering popular, classical, show and religious/traditional.  There’s something for everyone, and there are openings for budding soloists too.

We were founded in 2010 with the mission statement “For the community, by the community”. Contributing to our local community is hugely important to us, and we can be regularly seen in Letchworth and the surrounding towns and villages, singing for events and local charities (most notably, Garden House Hospice, our affiliated charity).


2012-2013 City Chorus donated £4000 to the Garden House Hospice, Letchworth.

In addition to these appearances, we hold two major concerts every year, one in the summer and one at Christmas.  Look out on this website for more information about these, and to buy tickets.

We meet every Wednesday evening to rehearse and we also hold additional section practice sessions each week for those who are able to attend.

To join City Chorus, all you need is a passion for music and a sense of humour.  There are no auditions to get in, nor do you have to read music. The Chorus (led by Tony and Natalie) will help you find your feet very quickly!

So if you want to sing, come along and give us a try. If you don’t like it, fair enough, at least you’ll have tried something new!  If you do stay, you will be given help and encouragement and you will join a band of amazing people. Many of our choristers couldn’t read music or hadn’t sung since school, but that has not deterred them from becoming accomplished singers. Best of all, we can promise to have you smiling at the end of an evening no matter what sort of day you’ve had.

We look forward to meeting you.

Current Openings


You are welcome to come along to a rehearsal at 7.30pm on Wednesdays at Letchworth Free Church, Norton Way South, Letchworth Garden City SG6 1NX.

City Chorus is a member of


Rememberance Sunday

Every year since the formation of the City Chorus in 2010, members have supported the Letchworth Branch of the Royal British Legion, at their Act of Remembrance and Commitment Service by the War Memorial in Letchworth Town Centre.  Again this year, the weather was sunny but cold- we all took advantage of  an area of pavement more »

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City Chorus in our community; helping friends who help others

  September 28 2013; Spirella Ballroom: We were invited by Trish Saunders, one of our choristers, to entertain the diners at a Supper Dance she was organising to raise funds for this project. More than 40 of us, with Nat conducting, sang three pieces between the starter and main course.  The pieces chosen were The more »

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Margaret Powell

Summer Semester 2013 Newsletter

Margaret Powell Our very own blog writer Margaret Powell has produce a brilliant newsletter detailing what City Chorus has been up to so far this year. Take a look here –> City Chorus Summer Semester newsletter 2013

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St Peters

St Mark’s Parish Church, Hitchin

The Final Concert of the Summer took place in the Vicarage Garden.  35 choristers on a very hot afternoon.  A large gazebo was provided for us to stand under to save us all melting and burning.   Tony conducted, more or less the same pieces as have been performed during the previous concerts.   The vicar has more »

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